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Alright people I'm alive and this hiatus is now officially over :D I haven't been all too well with keeping you guys in the loop over the last few weeks. There were some hints as to what's currently going on on twitter - but still not the best I could've done.

Anyway I hope you all had lovely holidays and got into the new year all right. On my part I can say, that the move is over and I settled in. So things should go smoothly from here. With some luck there won't be any hiccups in the update schedule for a while! Crossing Fingers!

In any case, I posted some "secret project" materials for $8+ patrons this week as well as WIP shots of this page over on Patreon. I didn't get as much comic work done as I'd like while I was on hiatus, so the buffer is still quite pathethic and there aren't any early pages as of this moment. I hope to be able to change this over the weekend, though. I also thought about doing a stream for patrons while I work on the next pages - any pledge level counting.

There's a lot I want to do with this comic this year, so I'll go with the momentum as long as I have it :D