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Last update of January! And what a January! Despite you all being really shy about the commenting thing I can see you in my site statistics! I know you readers are out there! I’ve got an eye on you thanks to Smack Jeeves own statistics and Google Analytics. (I like comparing those two since they give a few different results due to different tracking methods.)

As you can see on the page wolves think in quite a different way than Anrak! By the way birds are absolutely NOT my forte, so this little bugger in panel two took me far too long to be reasonable on this page! I should really start giving birds in general more attention… since from chapter 3 on they’ll sort of be a part of the comic.

I also have an announcement regarding the update next week! I’ll be on a trip organised by my working place with the other apprentices and trainees from Wednesday to Friday. I know there’s internet at that place, but I also recall it being awful and unreliable as heck, so I’ll postpone next week’s update to Friday when I get home! (Which might only be in the evening my time, just so you know.)