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This week it's news-time - but where to start? Okay, let's start on this page!

There are two cameos on this page, both are the winners of the design contest I held last year. (Yes it took us THIS long to get here.... haha) So first there's Sunrise Atwood, the lady in the blue dress, by Kat and ththbriefly appearing lady in red by Mariesloth. They'll appear a few times in the comic, though more as background characters completing the picture, rather than taking much of an active role. But do keep an eye out for them :)

Next on the list: the links page! I added seven more comics to it over the last week - be sure to check them out: image image image image image (Some of these will appear again over the next few weeks, because they got accepted into the SpiderForest!) -- (Also if you have a webcomic yourself and are interested in a link exchange, I'm sure we can work something out :D)

And as a last point for today: I modified the sidebar a little over the weekend to make it look cleaner. The Ko-Fi button has finally been done in the same style as the Patreon and the paypal tip jar. And I added the "donation wallpaper" which you can aquire via Gumroad. You can get it for free (just type a 0 in there) or donate something - whatever you prefer! (There are more wallpapers available on Gumroad going by the same principle, in case you're interested!)

Edit: I forgot to link the inks I promised last week. You can colour her in whatever variation you like and you're welcome to post it online (just tell people that those are my inks, please). I'd also like to see your colours, so feel free to tag me :D