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Gee, guys, these days are flying by like a blur. I totally forgot to schedule this page in advance... Thank the sun for shining right into my bedroom and waking me up early for getting this page up time :P (I'm not even certain I'd have remembered to put it up once I'm be home from work, given that my biggest achievement in the past days was lying on my couch watching Gundam Wing for the bazillionth time...)

There are a lot of factors for this current blur-of-days. Most notably probably that half the department at work is currently on vacation and their work of course gets redistributed to the people actually there. So my available brain power is not all that high :P

I'll do my best to bring you chapter 4 as promised, though.

In the meantime, you have the chance to get a copy of the SpiderForest Webcomic Anthology, which includes a 7-page short from me among the twenty stories in the collection. The final cover art has finally been revealed, too! The campaign will only be going for another eight days - so be sure to get the copy while you can! image