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Page is up! Page is up! Sorry about the lateness. My brain didn't connect that staying out late for an event would mean I'd be home at an unreasonable hour and not in any state of mind to schedule an update. I should've done the heavy lifting of it on Tuesday I guess. Though as of late I'm a zombie when I get home from work. I got new responsibilities there and it's quite draining, while I'm still learning the ins and outs. I did, however, schedule comic work for weekends, which has worked marvelously lately, so updates are only in danger of being a few hours late because I forgot them...

Also, as you may have noticed while reading, there's a new thing in the side bar! I exchanged the donation wallpaper for the short story I made for the SpiderAnthology. You can now purchase it, or get it as a perk by becoming a Patron!

And now some repeat news: Now on to some other news stuff: I'll be on vacation for a week in September, the out-of-the-country-sort of vacation. So I won't update on Sep 14. Depending on how comic work goes the week after (which I'll still have off from the dayjob, but will enjoy at home) there might be a two-page update on Sep 21, though!