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No raw hare for Anrak! Good for him to skip the meal it seems, other pack members aren't too excited about him! Also: MYSTERIOUS PAW makes it's entry! You'll see who it is on the next page next Thursday!

A bit of an early update, since I'm still at home with a flu... though I guess I got a mild version of it, and was at the doctor's early enough to prevent worse things from happening... my knees still seem to be filled with porridge, though :P

I also gave advertising a shot this week, experimenting a bit with it. And I saw magnificent results! Project Wonderful is a neat place for this! If you turn off your AdBlocker you should see the ad beween the page and this text. I'll experiment a bit more with that and hopefully we'll be able to draw in a few more readers over time! (But since the comic has only 12 pages at the moment I don't expect too much yet :P)