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I don't like this page. And the page isn't at fault. It's more because of the delay it went through because of WWII remnants. So glad it's done and backed up on an external hard drive (and soon to be in a cloud for additional security).

With this chapter approaching the midpoint, I think it's time for an announcement :)
I plan on printing the first four chapters, intermissions and perhaps some extra pages next year. I'm not yet decided on how I plan to do that, though, currently debating whether I want to go the print-on-demand or Kickstarter route. There's a lot of back and forth in my head at the moment haha
Once chapter 4 (and intermission) is done the story is half-way through, too. Though later chapters do seem to be longer form the outline alone, it's still a good point to get the first book out there :)