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Now, with that cliffhanger behind us, let's slow down a little with the Intermission. The intermission has 6 pages in total and concludes the first volume (which, if you haven't heard already, I aim to print this summer).

I've been digging through my binders and the folders on my hard drive lately, to find all the drawings and concepts that marked the origins of Soul's Journey and found some fascinating things my teenage mind came up with. (The fascination varied between true awe and cringe, though haha) Among those old things I also rediscovered the notebook that contained the script for the first version of the story. Ironically, I managed to get to the beginning of Chapter 5, before I stopped. Let's just say it was very different.
I want to compile some of my findings into a bonus section for the book. But I need an accurate page count of the story part, before I jump into it. And also, would you like to see something like that? I personally am a sucker for "origin stories" in bonus sections, but not everybody might feel the same way haha

Oh and as you probably know, Star Wars day happened last Friday, for which Kanar donned her cosplay and let some sparks fly! (Soon to be added to the gallery!)

I streamed the making of the picture over on Twitch, where I'm also making an effort to stream more often. The videos are available to watch after the fact, too, in case timezone troubles arise.

Also, I forgot to mention it here earlier, but Soul's Journey was a topic at the Comic Tea Party a while back, for which you can find the archived conversation here.