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Fresh air does wonders for any kind of gloom :P (At least it rarely makes it worse...)

Well, as an update to my eye-situation: I've been home for a week to relax. The eyes are faring much better and the headaches are gone. But I've been rather miserable last week, so I decided to take it easy and go on a short hiatus once I finished posting the intermission. I haven't quite decided on how long exactly that hiatus will be, but I don't want to extend it beyond a month. I'll probably be able to get a more exact number on that closer to actually taking that time off. The intermission still has two pages left.

Regarding the hiatus, I also started a general call for guest art/writing over on Twitter - but if you'd like to contribute something and help me ease everybody through the break you can also just email me. Or DM me on Twitter or Discord, that works, too. The deadline is June 14th, or June 17th if you need a few more days and tell me before the deadline.