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The book is here! The book is here!



This week's been miserable, but the book was definitely a counterweight. Albeit short-lived cause beginning of a new month is so stressful at work D: And on top of that the heatwave's still looming over Europe. I'm sweating all over the place just watching netflix on the couch >> (I tell you, winter is the only season that captures my heart in awe...)

But back to the book: There's some minor improvements I had to make to the colours of the interior, but I'm ultimately so satisfied with this book I was basically speechless while unpacking it on Twitch two days ago! (You can still watch that, btw, the actual unpacking starts around 23min.)
It'll be up for pre-order in paperback and ebook format on Aug 30th (if I set things up correctly) and will be available on Sep 13th, which is -would you look at that- a Thursday or in other words an update day! And as of writing this, I also realise that it aligns perfectly with the bi-weekly schedule. It's not like I plan these things.... Oo The price will be around $30 for the paperback and below 10$ for the ebook - might still do some fine-tuning to that, but with the book being 194 full-colour pages there's a bit of a manufacturing cost for POD.

I'll also throw up a poll asking for interest in signed copies next update. I have to figure out shipping rates before making any guesses about the costs haha