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Kanar's up to shenanigans. Still. She's been up to those for how many months now? haha Webcomic-time. Absolutely kills my sense for time alltogether :P

I've got a couple announcements to make, too.

Firstly, the second proof of the print version arrived this week. It looks gorgeous and the couple of minor issues I had with the first version were fixed. But I pushed the release date back a few weeks, anyway. It'll be out on September 27th, the week when I return from my vacation. I wanna be around and shout about it, so 27th it is.

Secondly, I decided to make some changes to Twitter. I recently unified my online handles and thus the original @_SoulsJourney account became @SophiePf_ vacating the previous handle. Since I don't remember all the places I left it, I decided to make an account with the "old" handle exclusively focused on the comic. So update notifications and important news will be posted there now. My account will still retweet these, but if you want to cut the chatter, this is a thing now :)
(The handle on the website leads to the new account, btw. Oh, and I'm also on Instagram now, see over there in the sidebar haha)

Thirdly, more changes. This time to Patreon/Ko-Fi/how Sophie tries to make some cash. I've had a long and hard look at Patreon and what it does and how it aligns with my goals. And frankly there's a huge gap between what I want from the comic and how Patreon functions. Given that I generally like having a dayjob, even though it can suck the life right out of me, the Patreon model doesn't really do me any favours. It usually feels like a huge obligation that I never live up to, since I never invest the time and energy I'd need to. So I found another way to relieve the stress, potentially make some cash and give something to everybody in return. That is Ko-Fi. Ko-Fi underwent some great improvements since it launched and one of those is me being able to set goals. And the way I want to go about it is that when the goal is reached I'll schedule a single additional update. The goal will be reset and we're clear to reach it again for yet another additional update. If this takes off, I might also subscribe to their gold-service, which would allow recurring donations on your part and supporter-exclusive content a la Patreon. Though, I'd focus it on early pages without any knickknacks on the side so I don't fall into the same trap again. Ko-Fi in general feels more flexible than Patreon. The Patreon will be open for a while longer and I will post early pages there until I close it. I'll probably keep it until end of September, you know, after my vacation :P