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That's a wrap for this scene. This has been going on FOREVER! I recently also finished the thumbnails for this chapter, IT'S GOING ON FOREVER D: Well into 50+ pages... (Volume two is going to be so expensive..... ;_;)

Speaking of expensive books - I'm planning on raising the price a little come March. The printing is getting a bump around that time, so unless I want to pay for you to get those books I have to bump the price tag... But you've still got a month to order your book at the current cost. (The ebook is unaffected by this.)

With that said, I have a new Alternate-Anrak picture for you over at Ko-Fi. There are a couple more of these I'd like to go through, but I also want to start getting into answering potential reader questions. So fire those questions away in the comments and I'll figure out an upload schedule for everything on Ko-Fi :) You can ask both the characters and me basically anything, we'll answer unless SPOILERS!

And feel free to toss a vote over at Top Web Comics!


Black Shallows - The world is quite literally falling apart. With ever increasing amounts of land collapsing into the water, the search for answers leads to a secretive group of people who can seemingly travel through dirt and time.


Gifts of wandering ice - Sci-fi story about ancient things people find in melting icebergs and the apocalypse that, surprisingly, made humanity better.