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Probably the page with the most text yet!

On another note, I wanted to ask you guys something. As you probably noticed, I post updates on a pretty irregular basis when it comes to the time of the day. (For me it always is Thursday, but it might not be for you yet or anymore depending on where you live.) Now Smack Jeeves has this neat option of setting a certain time of the day to update the comic, if there are still pages in the queue. I can tell you, that the updates for the next three months are completed and only need to hit the internet! So for the actual question what time of the day would you prefer me to update? (If you answer, please give a timezone as well, otherwise it'll be too confusing.)

And, don't forget to check out the Patreon for the comic. You'll get access to the next page one week early and even some world building extras! Right now I'm working on a map for the continent - it provides some early background info for chapter 2 onwards!