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Phew, the con is over. And my experience coming out of it is mixed.

One the one had it was great to meet so many like-minded people and I did enjoy myself. It may have been exhausting, cause I'm introverted as heck, but great nonetheless. The location was gorgeous and fit the size of the event really well. It wasn't overly crowded, but it wouldn't look 100% empty, either :)

The not so great thing, however, was that my table had an odd placement, half-block by another table and if my neighbours had people standing in front of theirs nobody could see mine. I don't know how much that had cost me overall, but I do believe that visibility is quite important.

Overall, I made the con-specific costs back, still have quite some stock (now also available in the re-organised store) and am looking forward to some quiet time for myself :)

Though, I've got a couple of comic pages to make, cause stressing myself before the con has not been nice to my buffer. So I probably will stream some comicking in the coming days. If you'd like to watch feel free to follow me on Twitch to get notified when I go live!