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Chapter 6 is about to start, yay! It feels very surreal to have arrived here, to be honest. Writing this chapter has been hard, to a point that I'm not completely done yet either. But taking all those loose threads and pulling them to point at an ending is not easy.

I've tweeted some about how I'm having a really hard time finishing something on the consumer side, because I don't want it to end. I want to spend more time with the characters I love and even with a satisfying ending the finality that comes with it knocks the wind out of my sails for a while.

This makes me wonder how I'll ever pull off ending my own project. A big one at that. Short stories are easier in that aspect haha

Well, I went and had some exposure therapy, which absolutely had nothing to do with procrastinating on writing! (It did...) Finished three audio books and read through two more books. Now I'm in a very weird limbo that I haven't been able to shake the entire week.

That said, I'm gonna skip updating next week, as I'll need time to thumbnail the chapter properly and get an estiamte on page count. I wrote about 500 words more for this chapter than I did for chapter 5. It was supposed to be shorter, but I guess the story has other plans.

So see you again on Oct 24th!