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It's been a while since those two shared a scene.... that was all the way back in Chapter 2 some 200 pages ago. This is so wild, guys!

And if you want to read a couple of pages ahead, then feel free to check out Patreon - next to early pages there's also a look behind the scenes with process videos and even layered PSDs of the pages! With the upcoming next installment of the SpiderForest Anthologies I'm also showing my process of creating that short story. Probably the most wholesome thing I'll ever make :D

Speaking of SpiderForest - here are this week's Comics of the Week:


Sombulus is a world-hopping adventure following a magic scavenger, a curious inventor who talks to machines, and a zealous paladin in their ridiculous adventures around the Myriad Worlds, trying to fix the problems they find... and the ones they create. Chapter 3 provides a good sampler arc if you're new to the story, or start at the beginning of the archive here!


Monster Lands - Monster Lands features a wide cast of characters on their own adventures as they dig deeper and deeper holes for themselves. Can they ever stop digging? Rated Mature for violence and language.