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Alrighty - new page :D

There's something I've already mentioned on Twitter a couple of days ago. I'll soon go on a long-ish hiatus. Once this and the next scene are done I've got a scene ahead of me, that demands a lot of attention in order to pull some loose ends together in the story. It is also challenging from an artistic perspective and I don't want to rush it. I'll complete that scene and will post it as a whole, since I feel like reading it as a whole is a lot more beneficial than the week-to-week updates.

By my count the break will start mid-April, so it's still a while till then. But I wanted to give a heads up as well as make the announcement to keep myself accountable. Otherwise I fear I might convince myself to not do it haha (And there are other things I want to do in that time, so whoop!)

And now there are a couple of comics for this week's Comics of the Week:


Corner the Maze follows the adventures of Chimalli Ramirez, a racing driver who finds himself stranded in another dimension after veering off track during a sudden rain storm. Updates twice a week, Tuesday and Thursday.


Numb is a mystery comic that combines character driven drama with surreal horror made entirely with traditional watercolors. Join Levi and his childhood friend Susan, as they try to navigate through the strange events that start surrounding them.