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Let's launch the fireworks since we're back in business! (If you're looking for the short story I posted, you can find it in a separate public archive on the archive page!)

Since it has been a couple of months since I last posted a page, let me catch you up on what happened during that time.

Last I left you, I had also just been informed that the office I work at would be closed down at the end of the year. Job hunting is a bitch and I absolutely hate that part of life. But I've recently managed to get a new job starting in October, so the uncertainty my current one posed is not an issue anymore. This is a huge load off my shoulders and makes concentrating on comics a lot easier!

It was such a relief, I even went ahead and dyed my hair blue. The ends anyway :P Sometimes you've gotta do something crazy! And I love the look.

The Comic
Once I ran out of story pages to past, I decided to take a break from Soul's Journey altogether. I had been working on this comic non-stop for five years and I needed some distance to get some urgently needed perspective again. So I decided to start a new short project with minimal preparation and just jumping into it. (That was the MerMay Project. The book will come to the store as soon as the Kickstarter is fulfilled :D)

That break did wonders and I eventually went back to work with more motivation to finish the comic than ever. Making this batch of pages was an insane amount of work, but once the script and thumbnails were figured out everything went quite smoothly! I even managed to get a small buffer for the next couple of weeks out of this. That's when I briefly contemplated just throwing them up on the website as well, but I kinda want to update on a weekly basis again now haha (the pages are available on Patreon, though!)

For now I'm trying to speed up the work and if I can do that to an extent that I'm comfortable with, there might be something in it for you, too! Stay turned.

So, I'm back, the comic is back and weekly updates are a thing again. Cue the fireworks!