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Oh, Grandma, what large teeth you have!


Reminder that I'm streaming on Twitch every Friday 3pm CEST (CET once November rolls around), while doing pre-print work. You're welcome to sit in and watch. Chatting or lurking are both fine :)
(I just really want to get into a habit of streaming and also get the last handful of tasks relating to SJ out of the way.)


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Get a Slice of THIS Life

Working in retail hell or robots exploring humanity, slice of life isn't normally like this!

Honestly Not a Robot.
Honestly Not a Robot. - Your webcomic guide to starting a career at Damnson's Premium Supermarket! *may contain low pay rates, work stress and puns Now Recharging
Now Recharging - Now Recharging is about sentient/sapient robots exploring existence and making friends! Join Emmie the android as they navigate the ups, downs and wonders of ordinary life. Discover an ink-and-watercolour world of cute robot nannies, soft fluffy sheep, super cool gladiatorbots, fairy tales, fresh laundry, pancakes and more!