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I submitted the verison without word balloons..... /FAIL

First page on the new website! This is exciting!

The move of the comic to its own domain was more of a spontaneous decision. As of late I felt like I needed to do in order to reduce work in the future! The previous hosting on Smack Jeeves wasn't bad, the navigations were a bit clunky in some areas, but not BAD. I can recommend them for comic hosting, no questions asked. I just felt like I needed something for myself!
I'm thinking of keeping the SmackJeeves website as a mirror, though!

On other news: the comic will be updating weekly again! I dare say my eyes are back to normal again!
And for those who can't wait till next Thursday, the next page is already available on Patreon! (There are a few sneak peeks of the new cast page available as well!)