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Everything changes. THE END.


I started posting this comic 1st January 2015. A couple months of pre-production came before that. And then there was the first version of the comic from 2009. To say I'm glad it's finally done and I'm looking forward to new projects is an understatement.

While this page was already drawn last year in September, the comic wouldn't quite let me go after being fully drawn just yet. There was still the print prep to consider, a kickstarter campaign to plan, and the eventual printing to consider. Now, we all know that the kickstarter didn't succeed, which left me scrambling to find an alternative. This in turn took a while to manifest due to weird errors on the POD supplier's side, but we got there.

Both Volume 1 and Volume 2 are now readily available through either my shop (re-open planned for 19th September!), or through your local bookshop with the ISBNs 978-3981-9958-31 for Volume 1 and 978-3981-9958-55 for Volume 2.

But in a way this is also my final good bye to the comic. I've had really high highs with it, but also low lows. It took me over half a year to see that I actually liked the product of my work, if not in full at least in parts. And I'm beyond glad to have finished it, rather than give up when the going got too rough. But I also have to say, that I'm very burnt out on comics and I don't know if I'll ever be able to pull a long comic off. Anything going on 30 pages seems a possibility, but more than that? Unlikely.

It's a lot of work and very little gain beyond being able to say I finished something. And I think that's where one of my main sources of frustration lies with Soul's Journey (or my entire artistic pursuits for that matter). I have high hopes of people reading my work. Otherwise I'd not bother posting it on the internet. But there are no guarantees and I'm not entitled to a readership. Rationally, I know this. But it still hurts to be disappointed in myself every week anew.
Ultimately, I think I broke on it and I'm still picking up the pieces. There was a point earlier this year, when I couldn't pick up a pen or stylus with the intention to draw without getting a panic attack. I've since managed to do just that again, but the storytelling-side of my hobbies has not made much progress.

In the end, I finished the comic for the sake of finishing it, rather than for the sake of the comic. That's quite a downer for an event that should be happy, I know. But it is finished nonetheless. And perhaps I'll be able to look back in awe at the comic at some point in the future.

Over the course of the next couple of days I'll be updating the landing page to reflect the finished status of the comic, close the Patreon as I don't have anything to share anymore over there, and close the Discord server for the same reasons. The comment section will stay open for another couple of weeks before being shut down, this is just to avoid malicious bot activity once I stop monitoring it.
The website itself will stay online for the foreseeable future! You can read and re-read the comic at your own pace. If I decide to take the website down later I'll still make the comic accessable through other means. But that's years from now :)

If you want to follow me in case the next story actually gets going at some point you can do so via social media or my newletter! I'm also streaming art and games regularly on Twitch!

Alright then, I think that's everything? I'm pretty sure I forgot one thing or another, as per usual.

So long, and thanks for the fish!