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Some of you called it! It's the snake-ish wolf ghost thingy! (And for those following me on Twitter, yes that's where my avatar came from :D)

This concludes Chapter 2, which means we'll start with the next intermission next week. To see what it will be about consider supporting me on Patreon, as the first page of the intermission is already posted there!

Over the past week I also made some touch-ups on the pages of Chapter 2 and assembled the PDF for it (including the intermission), which will be available in all it's high-res-ess in the gumroad store, soon. But I posted the new versions to the website as well, just in the usual web resolution. In case you want to compare old and new versions, I still have the old versions up on the SmackJeeves mirror (same goes for the first chapter, by the way!)

That is all the new things I can present you today, had a busy week with studying and packing as I'm going to have my last exam today and will move out of my dorm room this evening, too :D