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It's Revenge of the Fifth, alright! May have been too deep into Star Wars yesterday to think about putting up this page for today D:

Anyway, the page's here now! As is the new Misc section on the website! It features a gallery so far and will expand beyond that over time. Coding the gallery was rather time consuming, so I decided to go for the rest at another time and give you the startings of the section for now.

The Links page got an overhaul as well! Though I might change a few things about it again, just to make it a bit more uniform with the rest of the website :D

TWC still has last week's vote incentive about a small joke made from the chapter 2 finale! And in case youdon't want to look into the past but go for the future: the next page's on Patreon (as is a concept work for chapter 3).