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Believe it or not, we're finally getting into the third chapter :D To see where it'll start out from this week already - it's already up on Patreon! We're also getting closer to the goal of weekly livestreams! Something I can promise you for this chapter: we'll see more of Ghost-wolf :D

TopWebComics had a coding overhaul last week, which makes it still a little clunky, but I'd appreciate a vote still!

I have been interviewed a while back, too! The article made it on Best Webcomics last Monday! If you haven't read it yet, but want to, you can find it here! I'll also collect interviews and reviews on the Misc page :)

Anything else? Oh right! The work on my Bachelor thesis is getting more intense, leaving me with too little time at which I have enough energy to work on comic pages. My buffer still contains a few, but I figured it might be time for a hopefully shortlived hiatus in July. This hiatus will be filled with an event, though. I'll reveal more of it in the coming weeks :)