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Somebody might've gotten out of the wrong side of bed that morning! Also see that coat of arms there? The awesome Coldevey made that, because I suck at heraldry, while he excels at it! (Follow him for dinosaur fun, too!)

I also reached the decision to take another break from updating, though just one week this time. During the last few days a lot of stuff that had piled up fell right on me. For one, my old laptop was rather close to giving me a heart attack, because it blacked out and lost all visuals until I restarted it. I finally decided I had to get a new computer, for which I spent most of sunday looking at different ones. It came a few days earlier than expected, which destroyed my back-up plan of working on pages tuesday/wednesday. But at least that part is settled now.

Patrons get a series of development stages for Vahlakk, the city we're in right now. That includes all patrons, no matter the amount they choose to support the project with. It's kinda like an apology for skipping updates again this shortly after the last hiatus.