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And this is the anti-climatic ending haha

I'll migrate this short story to the extras/outtakes section (or perhaps make a new section) in a couple of weeks.

So, where do we go from here:
I've been editing and rewriting things this past week. It's been going very well, too. Working on something else for a while to get a new perspective on Soul's Journey was a great idea. I wish I could say I planned it like that, but happy accident sounds good, too.

I'm thinking of getting most of the rewrites done by Saturday or early Sunday, at least to a point where I can use some time to thumbnail a couple of pages. Sometimes things change during the thumbnail stage, and I want to catch these while I'm still in the writing mode.

I've also been thinking about streaming while thumbnailing. For that I'm setting aside some time on Sunday around 3pm (CEST) on Twitch. If I'm not feeling confident in the writing by then, I'll switch to an illustration/watercolour stream. Streaming is something I've been meaning to get back into. But I still need to find a comfortable schedule, that also works for you to come and watch. So, if you have a preferred time slot you can comment with that :)

The upcoming scene is quite long in writing already, and so far I've been adding more than taking away. That might translate into a very long scene and a lot of work. That makes it difficult to see how long the drawing will take. I think the best way to stay in touch during this time is to follow my (or the comic's) Twitter or join the Discord. (Links are under the page :) )

I've started working on Soul's Journey again, but don't have an estimate for new pages yet. But there will be a stream on twitch on Sunday around 3pm CEST.

-- And some advertisement on my own account:
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