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There are three digits in the url from here on out :D

Also some good news and bad news.

The good news: Soul's Journey got an honorable mention in the Excellence in Webcomics Awards. You can vote for the comic in the People's Choice Awards, too - who knows maybe it gets something there, too?

The good news continue: I'll have a flat by next week and thus a permanent place to stay. It's a crazy feeling, but also great! But this is also relating to the bad news: this means that I'll skip updating between Christmas and New Year, but also the week before Christmas. Meaning next week will see the last page of the year. The next weeks will be busy on top of the pre-christmas crazyness. I haven't done ANYTHING regarding presents yet, either... I need more hours in the day. Why can't we have Bajoran days with 26 hours a day? (Yes I'm still binging DS9, though not at the speed I did three weeks ago haha)

Well have Comics of the Week to tide you over the break: image
Stargazer's Gate: A strange g̸̨̕á͜͜t̛͠e͝ tears Atrina's family apart.

Storm And Desire
: Three women’s fates collide as they uncover the secret history of the multiverse.