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I hope you had a happy and relaxed easter! Mind was kinda short because I live furthest away from our annual Easter-Family-Gathering-Place, but fortunately I chose the perfect hours to drive to and from there, not many cars around :D However, I did have the privilege to colour the eggs this year (not because nobody else was around, nope haha) - some egg-spert egg colouring wizardry was performed that day (when I basically just dumped the eggs in the jars with the colour-stuff, but psst).
I'm not sure if it counts as a bummer, but unlike last year and the year before that I did not see any rabbit/bunny casualties on the road, so I couldn't tease my little siblings about the easter bunny not coming ever again... (I was promoted to helper bunny by my mom, though, so I guess I should be happy there wasn't any road kill.)

Anyway, today's page! Info is trickling in and the big(ger) bomb will hit next week - also marking the end of the chapter and the start of the hiatus. So far it looks as if the hiatus will at least cover the entirety of May. There is a lot of stuff I want to do in May, and quite a bit of that could also be potentially interesting for you - but I'll expand on that next week, when I have things mapped out a little better.

For now suffice it to say, that I want to invite you to ask questions - there's an "Ask Me or My Characters Anything"-possibility. (It only depends on you guys asking stuff :) )
You may ask here in the comment section, on twitter, on facebook or via email - whatever you find easiest!

Now on to another topic - the Soul's Journey mirrors. I barely talk about them here, because I'd like you guys to stay here rather than pander off to other websites to read the comic. (It's much easier to look at statistics then, and I love my statistics :D)
Some of you may have followed the change on Tapastic - or rather - in the recent days. For me it was basically just the push the I needed to get off the site. Personally I could never get warm with Tapas. The vertical layout, the "episodes" structure (I'm making a webcomic, not an animated series >>), the constant browser crashes and impersonal design made it difficult for me to get attached. But everybody seemed to be there and loved tapastic, so I figured it was worth a shot. If I'm honest, though, I always liked SmackJeeves better. Sentimental attachment because it saw the starting out of my comic is a big plus, but I can basically customise EVERYTHING there.
So, with that being said, on to the actual news: The SmackJeeves mirror has been revived two days ago and will see daily updates until it is just one update behind this website and will then go to weekly updates again. It might be a good way to read through the larger part of Chapter 3 again (and come up with questions to ask the characters).

Oh and also: I'm gonna discontinue the updates on Tapastic - a proper announcement for that went out last night on Tapastic. I don't see any sense in forcing myself to keep a mirror that I wasn't very attached to to begin with. I still have a mirror on Webtoons, which has brought forth some "interesting" comments. But it suffers from the same problems I saw in Tapastic, so who knows?


Cosmic Fish - Acantha and her kind are monsters called "ghosts". They aren't part of the "life cycle", where every living soul filters through two planetary guardians. As the different ghosts and monsters change — both emotionally and physically — they attempt find the answers behind the mystery of their existence, and either heal or run from past mistakes.

Fine Sometimes Rain - A slice of life about love, friendship, and overcoming depression.

Evil Witch Allie - Jake found a little girl claiming to be a witch wandering alone outside his house on Halloween. It would have been nice if that turned out to be the weirdest part of his night.

Paisley Brickstone - Being the new kid is never easy, but life gets even harder for Harvey Mammaroth when gym class takes a wild turn and he and his classmates find themselves trapped in an empty school. Is the whole thing just a vague assignment set up by their sadistic gym teacher, Coach Trener? Or is something much darker going on?

October 20 - After a decade of fighting the curse that has befallen them, Catherine and Raimundo have their backs to the wall. The last of their allies have been claimed by the monster that comes for them every year on October the 20th. Can they survive the day? Can they find a way to go on, even if they lose everything? And can they find the man called Shields McKloskey, who seems to hold all the answers?