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Wolfwurm does indeed have a name, which I also noticed is the name of a Cardassian beverage.
Makes watch-throughs of DS9 even funnier :P

On to more serious matters, the chapter now ended, so we're facing a hiatus during the entirety of May with updates resuming on June 1st. In the meantime I'll post bits and pieces of my anothology contribution and pages as soon as they're finished over on Patreon.
I've also been thinking about posting the original script there scene by scene in a weekly timeframe. This'd be a thing for $4+ patrons. The script tends to change a lot whenever a chapter is nearing its end, because things just (hopefully) improve when you've got a year inbetween writing and drawing them. But I don't tend to edit them in the file and instead scribble, scratch and note things down in the print-out I keep around.

Of course there's also the teased "Ask me anything" for the characters (and also me, if you want me to answer some of your questions). Just post your question(s) in the comment section and they may be answered soon :D
(Posting these will go weekly via Twitter, Facebook and public posts on Patreon - so be sure to follow me in one of those places or wait till updates resume and I put them in the Misc. page :) )