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Anrak's not a friend of wooden seats - just imagine how he must think about sleeping on the ground nowadays! Also a person in a red dress? Just who could that be?

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Well I'm finding myself having a great week so far.
First I get Monday off work, because it being Whitmonday.
Then Tuesday evening I'm attending a concert by Sergey Lazarev in Fürth, for which I drove roughly 800km in total - but who keeps count? It was totally worth it and I'd do it again at any time :D (But since that was the last concert in the Germany Tour I'll have to wait a while and just have his music blasting out of the speakers for now.) Europeans among you might know of him, if they keep up with Eurovision, I can in any case just recommend you check his songs out.
Wednesday I get goodies from Lora Innes' Patreon in the mail, as well as a book on historical fashion.
Thursday the comic updates (always a good day :) ).

I'm just waiting for everything to take a bad turn right now haha