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We're back :D It feels as though I haven't updated in ages! But I got some much needed rest (and time to finish my 7-page SpiderAnthology short). I'm slowly making process-gifs available to Patrons, too!

We're finally starting with this intermission - it's been in the works since shortly before I started Chapter 3. I thumbnailed the short initially while attending a course on comics over at Kadenze. (Patrons may remember.) And speaking of Patrons - there are three more pages of the intermission available there already, I post them as I finish them and I hope to finish the remaining three during the coming weekend.
There's also the matter of the SpiderAnthology short I was working on: good news is it's all done and ready to be part of the Anthology, the even better news is, that the Kickstarter for that Anthology will launch on June 12. That is the current plan at least. I'll keep you informed. (This short has some nice spoiler stuff for Soul's Journey by the way, in case anybody wonders about Kanar :D But this will be addressed in-story, too, in time.)
There's also plans for a bonus comic for Patrons, as I wrote a spontaneous short story last weekend, that I'd like to draw rather sooner than later - on that I'll also keep you posted. (For those who don't have the resources to pledge to Patreon, don't worry it will come to the public in time.)
That was the last Patreon thing for this update, I promise haha

There is another thing I'd like to revive, though. I neglected it for a good year, but now that I have a buffer again, I'm bringing you glimpses of the following pages through TWC. So if you're wondering what happens next, some food for thought might only be a vote away :D
Meanwhile, there are four weeks worth of questions, which I posted to the twitter and facebook feeds as promised and decided to also add them to the archives of the mirror sites. I'm just not too fond of having them in the main archives. 'Tis why I didn't post them here - but they'll appear in the gallery shortly.
For now, if you missed them, look at them here: Week 1 || Week 2 || Week 3 || Week 4 ||

It DOES feel good to be back in action. I got so jealous of all the other webcomic creators I follow posting updates to their social media D:
Now I can do it again, too :D