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Hey, new page! Sincato doesn't like Namide's awesome idea, but she's determined :D

I enjoyed my vacation a lot, got to stand aboard the deck of the Batavia in Lelystad, drove an entirety of 2,000km within one week and my cat forgave me leaving her with my parents for a week. It was great to get out and see things. Especially the Batavia. I wanted to go there for over a year and this year everything lined up. My parents (and siblings) agreed to look after my cat and were excited to see her again. A company event in Cologne, giving me a) the opportunity to go into the Cologne Cathedral and b) be a mid-way stop for my long journey into the Netherlands. I found an awesome place to stay, it's been peaceful and quiet there - also not too far from the Batavia Shipyard. And then I finally stood there, barely able to believe that ANYBODY would have the sort of commitment to rebuild a trade ship from scratch. And boy, I'm glad he did!
(I mean, look at me, all I'm doing with my free time is drawing a webcomic :P)

So this week I'm playing catch-up with said webcomic and also playing some games, that have been in my steam library for so long :) But stay tuned on Patreon for daily progress posts, if not even finished pages. I've been posting all of this for $4 patrons, too. I'm thinking of posting everything for them and take the $8 level out. (Whoever wants to pledge more is free to do so of course :) )