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Dream or reality?

This past week saw quite a lot of change. Both on the website and over on Patreon.
As for the website, I merged the Misc and Support pages, fixed some links and upgraded to a new version of my CMS.
That means you can find links to help you throw money in my direction on the Misc page now, including a brand-new and experimental Redbubble store. I ordered some of the items myself to check the quality.
The fixed links include the link to the Webtoons mirror on the Links page and the RSS feed, which changed URLs with the Grawlix upgrade. I only noticed a few days after the update, that the previous link ceased to work. If you used an RSS Feedreader be sure to get the new link in the sidebar. ->

And the following happened on Patreon: For a while now I noticed that I didn't really have much content for the $8 tier, so I decided to get rid of it and make everything that's posted there available for $4 patrons. This will happen gradually so I don't spam your inboxes :)
That means now is a good time to join in, because it'll be raining content!