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Last update of 2017. That screams for a review of the year, for which I made this handy little cheat sheet:


I hadn't noticed just how far I got in 2017 until I put this together and I feel proud having posted 43 pages (two more are available on Patreon, making it 45 pages finished in 2017 so far). Additionally, I made a 7-page short for the SpiderForest Anthology and am halfway through another short for another SpiderForest Anthology. Taken into account that I have a day job that has been rather stressful lately, this result is really good. And I don't feel as bad for not having any time to put a holiday picture together. :,)

The comic will have its 3rd anniversary on Jan 1st, too. I made a little something for that occasion. I'll probably post it beneath the next update, which will be on Jan 4th, 2018. (That is if I survive my Christmas on the Autobahn. Why does my family live so far apart?)

Happy Holidays and "Guten Rutsch!"