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And we're staying with Vivianne for a little while longer!

Here's a heads-up, btw: Next week will see the last page of the year and I'll take the week between the holidays and the new year off from updating. I bet you all have other things to do then, too. (Like digesting all that holiday-food :D)

Things will see a bit of a change in 2018, too. For one Patreon won't stay as the exclusive platform for early pages and behind the scenes things. After the stunt, they pulled over their fees I don't want to solely depend on them. Come 2018 I'll post these extras on Minds, Patreon, Tipeee and (once it's out of beta). I want to give you multiple options in case Patreon changes its mind again. Content on all platforms will be the same, so you won't miss out if you choose one over the others.

I'm also looking to use my Ko-Fi more actively, for that, I'm still brainstorming, though.

In order to reflect this change, I'm gonna have to do some work on the website, too. Which is what I'll occupy myself with before the New Year comes around :)