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Anrak definitely has the advantage here, knowing that a battue is a form of hunt often accompanied by loud noises and myriads of dogs. The goal is to drive game into a certain direction. (Since there was some confusion last week, it's not a typo haha)

I finished retouching the first chapter, it's not perfect given that I wanted this to be done relatively fast, but it doesn't look as dated as the original pages did :) The old pages have been replaced by the new and improved ones. Since this is primarily for printing purposes, I might make the old version(s) available online if there is demand for that kind of thing.
The first page, which worked as some sort of "cover" for the series will be replaced later, once I have the book cover done. The first intermission will stay the way it is now, I still really love how that one turned out :)

So far I'm also back on track with prep work for print, taking this week as a bit of back-up while my brother explores Hyrule was a good idea.

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