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Gimme a drumroll, cause Jack's back :D Also, what's that following our fluffy trio? Hmmmmmm.......

You know, throughout the week I try to think of witty things to write beneath the pages and there are a few things I like, but when I actually am updating nothing comes to mind... it's a curse, a very frustrating curse.

Otherwise, I used the last week to make some headway with the next chapter's script and while I have some things pretty fleshed out other parts I struggle with a lot. I had warm fuzzy feelings already but was also close to tearing my hair out. Soooooo, normal writer's process?

I think I put too much pressure on myself by making it my CampNaNo project. But then again, the writing/scripting part is what I enjoy least. It doesn't help that the plan for the rest of the story, which I made a year ago, has to be altered... again. Nothing major, but I changed some things in Chapter 4 that weren't part of last year's script. I always do that.

How was your week?

...what do you mean I forgot something? Oh, right! I promised something last week :D

I made a cover for the book release later this year! Time to show it to the world.
She was a cloud, now she's the entire sky. Aim high!
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This is another thing I tore my hair out over... But when in doubt flip through Zelda art books or mangas and things get rolling. Guess, I should try that with writing, too? :P