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And this is why I lovingly call this intermission "Dammit Jack, the entire comic is your fault!" :D

The retouches of the early chapters are almost done. All that's left is the second intermission. I'm pretty sure I can finish that before my week off work is over. After that, I just have to assemble the extra content for the book and I can get a test print done.

To be honest, the retouches of Chapter 3 and 4 went by really fast, I had expected them to take up far more time and energy. As of now, it looks like I'm back on track with the originally planned release date of late August after the setback with the eye and headache problems. (Those issues have improved, btw.) Crossing fingers that it stays like that :)

A while ago, I also mentioned that I'd get a PO Box in order to offer E-Mail notifications. Well, E-Mail notifications are in place (look no further than right over there ->) and I also added the P.O. Box address to the contact section on the links page. Feel free to send stuff that isn't food or live animals :P

And don't forget: The SpiderForest currently has a Kickstarter going to fund our second anthology! I've got a six-page-short in there as well. And among the rewards are the first Anthology (includes a short story featuring Kanar) and the first two chapters of Soul's Journey as hi-res PDF (the retouched versions, of course!).