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I’ve been struggling to put some things into words this week. And I don’t know if it’s even all that relevant to you either.

The short version is, I’m a very insecure person. Help.

The slightly longer version includes: I’m finally ready to put some work into Ko-Fi and need some help putting everything into perspective.

The super long (potentially whiny) version goes as follows:
This is a tale of ancient times. An era before the human and non-human worlds were forever divided. //sorry, wrong tab//
It's been a while since I closed the Patreon and I've been doing much better since. No more stressing about Patreon helped a lot with getting the creative juices flowing again. But I’m making a webcomic, that inherently means that it’s on the internet. And we all know the beast that is the internet. It's easy to develope an inferiority complex.

Especially if you go by metrics such as audience size and monetisation. Stumbling over articles, videos and posts related to that topic is guaranteed multiple times a day. Cause unless you turn your hobby into a second job (or maybe even your only job) it fails at being relevant.

Comics in general and Soul’s Journey in particular were never meant to be the part of my life that pays my expenses, though. These projects are supposed to be a counter-weight to the less creative day job. (And I’m happy having a day job. I’d be a hermit otherwise and that’s no good in the long run. Hermits United - Swapping stories about caves. It's fun. For a hermit.) So, the internet being the dangerous place it is, it's right about a few things. You have to put in work if you want to see results.

Next to the weekly plugs of the Artist Edition (just a handful left) there's Ko-Fi. Which is sitting there without me putting work into it. Which is driving me crazy, but also brings me to the actual point of the sob-story. Ko-Fi. I have to put some work into it and I need some help deciding on what kind of work to put there.

The principle of the Ko-Fi will stay the same. Once the goal is reached, I’ll post an additional page and reset the goal. I first put that goal arbitrarily at 200 EUR, just to have a number there.

Going by the nature of Ko-Fi with increments of 3 adding up with each donation that will take either a huge number or a few very dedicated people. I feel like I need a goal more in line with that and also a much lower one in order to actually get there a few times before going a more ambitious route.

As for potential content I’ll need some input on what might motivate you to go there. Which is really all you’d need to do. Unlike Patreon, the blog and gallery on Ko-Fi are visible for everybody by default – there’s no paywall.

Some options I thought of are: WIP-shots of pages released in any given week, scribbled responses to comments or answering questions asked in the comments (both written and scribbled). No pay2win, either. (Seriously, any ideas on that are welcome, it’s supposed to be bait for you after all.)

(The cookie is a lie.)