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Sincato has people skills beyond frightening humans-turned-wolves them to death :D

This is a bit late today, cause the week has been taxing and I haven't had the energy to post anything... in fact I've been a zombie these past few evening and I don't really know why. Things have been generally good lately? A particularly good thing happened this week, though. It snowed! Not much, it thawed away within hours, but there were white patches in the scenery :)

Anyway, I've got tomorrow off, so I can sleep in and actually laze around a little. I do, however, want to stream a bit, too. I'm aiming to start around 5pm CET over on my twitch channel, but I'm still torn between the subject. I've got a sketch for a Legend of Zelda fanart ready to be worked on, but I kinda want to work on the comic as well (just three more pages to do and I'm set for the rest of this year :D).

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