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Well, he isn't really alone, which makes things kinda worse in his context, right?

I was able to add another year to my time-on-this-planet yesterday, too. I celebrated by getting off work early and not having to go to work before the holidays again :3 (I'm easy to please in that regard haha)

Also, this is the last page for this year, I'll skip updating between the holidays and the new year. But I may go on a stream or two during that time. If you'd like to be notified of that just follow me on Twitch!

Also, also, you might remember me taling about utilizing Ko-Fi more int he new year and this past week it hit me: Let's do a series of animals Anrak could've turned into, other than a wolf to kick this off :3 Any favourites you'd like to see bumped to the top? Tell me below!