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Happy New Year everyone! Each time we start a new year I feel like 'THIS IS THE YEAR!' even though I just came off a 'finally the year's over' mood haha

Let's see where 2019 leads. My plan is to get roughly 50 pages of the comic done, as per last year when I managed a whopping 48. Not quite spot-on, but given that I had a few rough patches it's not to shabby either. I also want to finalize the script to get a clear path and a clear conscience when I write on other things :P I also want to market the comic more aggressively to reach more people, but I'm still figuring that one out.
Also, I'm taking up bullet journaling in hopes of remembering doing stuff instead of just talking about it. Any of you who do that, too? The bullet journaling, that is.

The mission of using Ko-Fi is under way, too. I tested some stuff last week (follow that earlier link to see what it is), both how it posts to Twitter and how the rich preview of the post would look like. People on Discord probably know what I mean by that. Currently we're also at 13% of the goal, which will mean the funding of an additional page to be posted outside of the normal schedule!

And last but not least, a vote on Top Web Comics also goes a long way to help out. I very much neglected this in the past years, 2019 seems like as good a year as any to change that.

(This page slipped online earlier this week, cause I forgot it was 2019 now, not 2018....)