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What's this? A page??? Well, I had most of it finished, just the backgrounds needed to be added and even that was a lot of copypasta :P

But let me give you a general update: It's not carpal tunnel syndrome and it's not an inflammation. More like the muscles cramping from often-repeated movements. Unfortunately, my dayjob has a lot of those, so the whole getting better part is very slow. But I've gotten a bunch of helpful tips about how to relax those muscles regularly. Generally speaking, though, things have improved already. There was a day when I felt pinch in my wrist after writing a couple of letters only. That isn't the case anymore. Though, when I've put the splint aside for an hour at the dayjob I feel myself longing for it.

The next couple of pages are almost finished, same as this one was. So I'm optimistic that I should be able to maintain a weekly schedule again, unless things take a drastic turn for the worse. (Also, I wrote ahead and am super pumped for those future scenes. I really don't want to be stuck longer than I have to haha Please let than be written on my tombstone, thanks.)

I've also got some very exciting news, which I hinted at a while back already, I'll be behind a table at a con in May:
If you are in the general vicinity of Berlin feel free to come by (there's no entrance fee!). I know the bulk of you is located in the US, and maybe I'll be at a con or two there at some point, but I'mma start small-ish and local-ish haha

I already had a minor freak-out about this, cause this is comic business is getting too real! BUT SUCH EXCITEMENT!