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Things look a little different around here :D The website was in need of a remake for months, it simply took me a while to leap into action.

Anyway, this past week reality caught up with me. I usually keep anythingy political off the website, but here's a short overview of the dilemma: UK is gonna leave the EU quite soon-ish and currently the books I use for my store and as stock for cons are printed in the UK. This means there'll soon be a border inbetween and potential walks to the customs offices aren't too farfetched.

So the best way to circumvent this is printing in Germany, or at least within the EU. However, POD services around here only use very basic standard sizes, which my comic pages simply don't fit. That leaves the option to buy in bulk and finance that via crowdfunding.

I did some preliminary maths on this and being the insecure person I am this sent me straight down an existential crisis. I don't think I even know that amount of people that I need to convince and make this work.

The crisis passed soon-ish, though, cause my lunchbreak was over and I had to go back to work :P

Anyway, this means there might be a Kickstarter this summer to attempt financing a print run. If anything I'm looking at a June or July window.

(Also, wrist is doing a lot better, things are looking up on that front.)