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Somebody's not happy. But I for one would think Ana capable of just about everything. So yeah, I understand your problem, Ethan.

Good news: I'm finally done drawing this chapter, after almost exactly a year of working on it I finally finished the last couple of pages. For you that means guaranteed updates until this is over :)

Having this kind of buffer actually allows me to take care of a couple of smaller tasks I've been pushing for far too long. Among them: secrets of the cast page. It's worthwhile to take a closer look at it now :D

Good thing, too, cause the day job is really tiring this week. I put in a lot of overtime at the moment, cause half the department is on vacation.

And more in SpiderForest news: Application season started this week and if you've got a webcomic of your own and would like to apply for membership, this is your chance! image