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Hmmmm, what might our fluffy friend find down there?

If you've come straight to this page, go back once, cause there's two pages today. I felt a little bad for the short (twitter) notice of no update last week. So, I told myself if I can get a sufficient amount of pages done in the first couple of days of my vacation there'd be two pages today.

It was touch and go there, for a while, but I pulled it off. Now I'm gonna get back to the other bajillion things on my to do list :P

Among them is to finish a digital sketching course, of which I've put a couple of things to use in the past couple of weeks already. But I can't wait to be done and move on to the next thing: portraits.

There's gonna be three more pages this year before the holiday break rolls around. They're good ones, too, if I may say so myself.