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He's a good doggo, isn't he?

My vacation is over and I've got all the pages for the remainder of the year done. As well as a whole lot of other stuff on my to do list. One instance of thumbnailing and the cleaning of the flat are sad left overs :P

I've also dipped into water colours again and got myself some nice high quality materials to play around with. If the days were longer I'd consider doing some work on stream, but my lighting doesn't translate well to camera.

In other news, the site I started out on, Smack Jeeves, imploded with a redesign of the site. To keep a long story short, uploading is a hassle and the page looks boring. There are a couple of bugs, too, but they're hopefully short lived. In any case, though, I've decided to leave the site and will delete the comic off there soon-ish. (Probably after the holidays.)