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Edit: I updated the page after some advice in the comments :)

We reached the end of chapter 1! Which means, I feel accomplished to have gotten this far and I have the surprise for next week, which I'll talk about today! From next week on, I'll post a short intermission between chapter 1 and chapter 2. This intermission is 8 pages long and was long finished before even one page of chapter 1 was finalised! I loved working on it, because it has a completely different style. The intermission will give some information on the world background, namely someone who was mentioned in chapter 1. (Let's see if you can find him!)

If you can't wait for next week for me posting the first page of the intermission, check out the Patreon where it is posted already! (I noticed that I silenced you in the comment section with the Patreon last week >>)