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Today we enter the first intermission! And hey there's another look to it, too!

Last autumn I gave copic markers a try and soon was determined to create the intermission with them. (It was really fast-going and watching TV shows in the meanwhile was easier than when working on the laptop!)

The next page is already available on Patreon!

And two more things for today: First, I finally got a reply from Comic Rocket to my claim on the comic (just took them 4 months...), it's all pretty now. In case you prefer bookmarking the comics you read with their service you can find the comic here.

And second, Google Analytics reminded me that I created a TopWebComics listing in the early days of preparing the web-part of the comic. I'm not yet sure if and how I'll use it. But in any case you can find it here. If you have thoughts on TWC, feel free to share them.