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My birthday wish to myself came true, there's another page - just click back once :)

Perfect time to look at the past year, too. And while things aren't perfect, I'm doing a lot better now than I did a year ago. So much so, that I'm thinking of risking some of those stressors I shut down at the time.

So starting with the next update, that being Jan 2nd 2020, I'll revive my Patreon account. I won't be able to show much beyond early pages upon completion and the occasional process of a page or illustration, but I'll try not to stress over that.

I'm also thinking of counting any Patreon pledges towards the Ko-Fi tipjar, to get extra updates queued down the line. Thoughts on that?

As some of you may remember, Soul's Journey was originally hosted on Smack Jeeves before moving into it's own home. With the recent change over at Smack Jeeves I removed the comic from there. The site is barely usable for creators and I found no joy with it as a reader either.

That means Soul's Journey is currently only available here, the as of now discontinued Webtoons mirror and a German version on Animexx. I've been thinking of giving Webtoons another go, now that Smack Jeeves isn't an option anymore, but that hasn't been conclusive yet, given that this has been the worst offender on my stressor list.

I've done more self-care lately as well and want to stick to that or more. The thing I need to work on the most is to procrastinate less, so I can get my tasks out of the way more effectively and have some designated down time later.

The tl;dr version would be: Patreon is coming back, Webtoons may make a return(?), more self care.

I've been thinking about supplementing my income via my art more as well, but if the cons I've been to made me realize one thing, it's that my art lacks appeal as of now. So, I'm sticking to improving via online courses and will tackle that thing again later. If I have the time by then. There's another big thing, I want to start next year and it is very likely to consume a lot of time. I mentioned it on the Discord server a while back, but I'm not yet ready to say anything about it publicly for various reasons.

And with that, I wish you Happy Holidays, if you celebrate and will see you in the comments or in 2020 :)